Azadeh Razaghdoost
— In The Storm of Roses —



In My artisticprocedure, you observe the representation of concepts such as agony and anger, while color crimson is inspired by the sanctity of blood. My most recent series, In the Storm of Roses, which is named after a poem of the same title by German poet and philosopher Bachmann, implies a highly expressive notion of love, as though it had been experienced through a whirlwind of crimson and simmering emotions scattered in space. Blood in my work is a sign of vitality, while the notions of love and lust are recurrently recalled all over the work.

In The Storm Of Roses

Wherever we turn in the storm of roses,
the night is lit up by thorns, and the thunder
of leaves, once so quiet within the bushes,
rumbling at our heels.

by Ingeborg Bachmann